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COO has collaborated or participated on diferent projects through the development of cartography. These are :

- Fistularia commersonii a invasive specie in the Mediterranean Sea by Ernesto Azurro and Francesc Maynou from ICM-CSIC.
In this project, was developed a temporary maps where it is showed how the Fistularia Commersonii was invading the Mediterranean Sea. Also it was done a video animaton. Some publiscations:

  • Exotic fish species in the Mediterranean Sea. Analysis of occurrence records. 40th CIESM Congress- Marselle, France, 28 October-1 Noembre 2013. Azurro E., S. Soto, M. Bariche, E, Fabelli and F. Maynou.

  • Fistularia commersonii in the Mediterranean Sea: invasion history and distribution modeling based on presence-only records. Azurro E., S. Soto, G. Garofalo and F. Maynou. Biological Invasions. October 2012. DOI:10.10007/s10530-012-0344-4

  • The Challenge of predicting invasive species distribution: the case of Fistularia commersonii in the Nediterranean Sea. 2nd Conference on Conservation Physiology of Marine Fishes. Croatia, September 2012.  Azurro E., S. Soto and F. Maynou.

- Mapping diferents species localizations. Montserrat Solé.

- Mapping of Otolith Samples Locations.

- Support and advice in the preparation of diferents maps for theses work. (A. Sancho; L. López; A. Muntades; A. Purroy; E. Guerrero; A. Bernal)


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