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Data Visualization Tools
The COO develop applications for data visualization
Development of WMS, WFS and CSW OGC services
Using different free software (Open GeoSuite, GeoNetwork, CatMDEdit, GeoServer...).
Assessment in data and metadata folowing INSPIRE rules and standards
OGC and INSPIRE standards are the facto nationals geographics standards.
Data Management in real time
Sensor Web Enablement tools used to work with real-time data
Backup data
Assessment in cartographic production
COO experience allows you advise and develop a high variability of maps, according to the basic rules of cartography.
Support and development of GIS projects
The use of different GIS programs such as ArcGIS, QGis, Geomedia, gvSIG, COO allows the implementation of GIS projects and support functions with analyzing geospatial data.
Acquisition, management and visualization of time series
Assessment in Reference Systems and Projections
Since 2008, the COO has an EUMETCast system. Distribution System environmental data, multi-service standard technology based Digital Video Broadcast (DVB). Commercial geostationary telecommunications satellites used to broadcast different files (data and products) to a broad user community.
Remote Sensing Products
Video monitoring
The COO works with Argus video system and Sirena software that are designed to capture video images and send them to a central data system, from where there is served the data in real-time.
AWAC is a current profiler and directional wave system. Provides water velocity, the magnitude and direction at different depths.

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