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Itxasbide ship is useful to determine different parameters on the coastal zone and systematic (monthly) surveys assessing environmental factors. These surveys may be predominately biological, bathymetrical, sedimentological, topographic or hydrographical. Access to data soon. If you are interested now please don't hesitate to contact us coo at listas dot csic dot es.

ITXASBIDE Characteristics

Model: ASTINOR 740
Material: Fibreglass
Boat type: Engine
Total lenght: 7,40 m
Beam: 2,80 m
Max. Velocity: 11 knots
Capacity: 8 persons
Electricity: 12V y 220V
Fuel capacity: 300 l
Year of construction: 1995
Pulley available to lift 200 Kg.
Port: Port Olímpic (Barcelona)

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